If you have some experience in multiday trips and planning, the self-guided trips will give you the most flexibility and freedom as well as an affordable holiday.

This means that you can launch and land whenever you want or even stay a day longer at some amazing wild camping spot.

In self-guided trips, you are not a guide but a decision-maker. This also means a greater risk if there is a lack of knowledge about the area, local weather patterns, and places to go out or places for evacuation if needed.

However, this shouldn’t impact you too much as our 24h support is at your service.

Besides planning the route together, we’ll provide you with a detailed map, suggest the best camping positions, mark places to get water, and food, or find some good restaurants on the way and also give you a daily report on the weather according to your position.

All of our knowledge will be passed onto you.


The base cost is a kayak rental (paddle, PFD, spray skirt, and 20-liter dry bag are included) but there are also some potential add-ons that include the following :

  • Shuttle service – in case you plan a one-way route or launch from somewhere different than our base on Rab Island.
  • VHF radio rental – 7€ day
  • Tent rental from 8 € – 20 € night
  • Sleeping bag from 6-10 € night
  • Cooking equipment from 6 € day (2-person set)
  • Cuttlery, plates, bowls, and mugs from 5 € day
  • Deck compass – 5 € day
  • Dry bag  – 2 € day
  • Towing line – 2 € day
  • Accommodation from 30 €day

The overall price depends on many factors such as transfers, accommodation, equipment, and the number of participants.
Here are some examples:

  • 4 people, 4 single kayaks, 6 days around Rab Island with all camping and cooking equipment, transfers on the Island, and extra dry bags, without any accommodation before or after the tour.
    Estimated price 1600 €
  • 2 people, one double kayak, 10 days from Rab to Zadar via National Park Kornati, all camping and cooking equipment, collecting kayaks and transfer of personal gear to Zadar, no accommodation.
    Estimated price: 1100 €