About Us

Sea Kayak Croatia was established in winter 2004 as a kayak rental company, but in summer 2007 we started to provide expedition trips. That means we have more than 15 years of experience in this “business”! We are NOT a normal tourist company that does everything, but a small and passionate family business focused only on sea kayaking. We do only one thing, but we do it right and we do it without hurry or as we say Pomalo. (for some pomalo is just a phrase, but for us it is the way of life and our lifestyle) The only work we do besides sea kayaking is permaculture farming (3sisters farm) and on most of our trips we use our home made products or products from locals when possible. We live on the beautiful green island of Rab, but our playground is the entire Croatian part of the Adriatic. In the world of mass tourism, we are not interested in satisfying the masses, but in providing a unique experience. For this reason, our groups are smaller and our tour guides are exclusively locals who know the area well and live from and by the sea. Our tours are adapted to every level, from beginners to experienced paddlers. Our unique RELAXPLORATION brand offers you the best experience exploring and relaxing. In the coming years, we will fully develop this “brand”, so stay tuned and follow relaxploration.com. You can also support our permaculture project at www.rab.com.hr

Building Memories

Meet Our Team

Joško Matušan - Jogi


Founder of Sea Kayak Croatia, main contact person and organizer. Besides kayaking, Yogi is working with his family and guides on a large permaculture project on his land.

Davor Mlacović - Bafo


Prior to joining our company, Bafo worked on the Caribbean Coast and the West Coast of the United States. He is an avid kayaker and is very knowledgeable about the history of Croatia and its coast in general. He also lived in New Zealand for five years, but came back every summer to work for us. He has been our guide from day one.

Luka Grgurić


Lives on Rab Island all year round. Studied IT in Varaždin, after university worked in the marketing department of a local hotel company. Now he prefers work that involves less stress, less office and less bosses. He is our IT guy, responsible for making and handling the website.

Šime Sušić

Gourmet Guide

After winning the first season of Croatian Masterchef (Gourmet TV ), he decided to paddle 1200 km in 47 days and visit 47 Croatian islands, where he cooked local dishes to promote Croatian food heritage. He leads our gourmet trips.

Sanela Matušan


Sanela is the wife of Jogi. She organizes the day trips, prepares the equipment, rents the kayaks and provides general assistance before and during the tours.

Dominik Pahljina - Bragi


Bragi is the latest addition to the team. After working various jobs, he decided to take up kayaking in 2019. He is a true bike enthusiast who can sit on a bike for days and cover long distances, and in addition to kayaking and hiking, he is a passionate gardener.